Valentine’s Day outfit!


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       Hey! Valentine’s Day is approaching, did you make plans? Do you have in mind what to wear? If not, I want to show you the outfit I had in mind when I was thinking of Valentine’s Day. 

       I can’t say I’m a big fan of this celebration, I don’t think you need a special day to show your love (you and everybody else :)) and celebrate this special feeling. You can do it daily, act like everyday it’s Valentine’s Day. Anyway it’s nice to enjoy all the special events and offers provided by restaurants, bars, etc. I will definitely enjoy this day, so I was thinking to wear a dress, a black blazer, over the knee boots and red lipstick.  

       Salut! Valentine’s Day se apropie, v-ati facut planuri? V-ati gandit cu ce o sa va imbracati? Daca nu, vreau sa va arat tinuta pe care am avut-o in minte cand ma gandeam la aceasta sarbatorire. Continue reading

How to wear tartan?


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       As far as everybody knows, tartan is one of the biggest trends of autumn/winter 2013 – 2014. You could see it everywhere on the catwalk, at Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Givenchy, Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Christian Dior, etc. You can choose a tartan skirt, as I did, trousers, shirts, coats, any item of clothing that would suit you. You can match it with uni pieces or with other types of prints.

       Tartan is a statement itself, so I prefer to keep it simple and combine it with uni clothes, I don’t usually like matching several types of prints, the outfit will become too heavy. So I chose black and brown. For inspiration on how to match tartan you can check Pinterest, there you can find a lot of combinations. You can follow my profile here. (

       Cum toata lumea stie, tartanul este unul dintre cele mai populare trenduri ale sezonului toamna/iarna 2013-2014. Il puteai vedea peste tot, in colectiile marilor designeri, precum Saint Laurent, Mulberry, Givenchy, Versace, Alberta Ferretti, Christian Dior, etc. Poti alege o fusta cu acest print, cum am facut eu, pantaloni, camasa, jacheta, orice ti se potriveste. Poti sa il combini cu haine uni sau cu alte imprimeuri. Continue reading

Funny facts and stuff dutch people like :D


        I live in The Netherlands for almost two years, that’s going to be this year in July. That’s quite a lot for some people, to stay in one place. Well in this period I observed some things that are different than in other countries.

        First thing is that dutch people don’t like curtains :)), or at least don’t use them. For me it would be strange to live in a ground floor apartment without curtains. Hey everybody, come and take a peek. Well that’s not the case for dutch people, that’s just normal. You check them through the window, they check you from the warmth of their home. Why not? Just a different level of privacy :)). This custom goes back to Calvinism, they say. Honest citizens have nothing to hide and with open curtains, everyone can be assured that others are honest too. Of course I have nothing to hide, come and check my fluffy bathrobe and see me eating popcorn :P.

33524_fullimage_Huis met terras copyright Grafberger_560x350

       The second thing you notice or maybe the first, it depends, it’s that dutch people are really tall, taller than Scandinavian people. Statistically, the tallest people in the world, as measured by country are the Dutch. The average height for all adults in The Netherlands is 1.85 m (6 feet 1 inch). The average for men is 1.85 and for women 1.69 m. So girls, in The Netherlands you can wear high heels, you don’t have to worry you’ll be too tall.

       The third known fact is that there are twice more bikes than humans in The Netherlands. Everywhere you go, there are bikes, parking for bikes, garages for bikes, bike lanes. They have priority before cars, scooters, pedestrians, everybody.



       The forth thing I’ve noticed here and seemed a bit uncommon was Hagelslag, that means chocolate sprinkles. And no, you don’t eat them with ice-cream, if that was what you wanted to ask. For breakfast for example, you take a slice of bread, smother it with butter and then sprinkle a copious amount of that stuff on the bread. They have different types like chocolate-flavored, fruit-flavored and the weird licorice-flavored hagelslag. I haven’t tried them yet, I should do it. 

0220111115-hagelslag-group-large        The fifth thing are french fries and mayo, excuse me, not french, dutch french fries, like friet, friets, patat, whatever you want to call them. For me it’s exactly the same. In fact, they love them so much they eat over 41 million kilos per year. Everywhere you go and want to grab a snack you can try french fries with mayo, or with some other sauces, like satésaus (peanut sauce), Friet speciaal (with mayo, curry or simple ketchup and onions), Joppiesaus (a mixture of mayo, ketchup and spices). Except fries with mayo, you can try the delightful shoarma, shaorma for everybody else, the doner or the kapsalon, which is fries with kebab or shawarma  and cheese. Where is the usual pizza? :)) I miss it. 


That’s it for today guys. I hope you liked the dutch insights and I’ll be back for more. I’m thinking of some videos also, what do you think? 


Finally a sunny day :D


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        I used to love winter, the traditional winter with a lot of white snow and cold weather. I haven’t seen that for a while :), the traditional dutch winter is with a lot of rain, wind and grey sky. And today, after a long time, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. Still windy and cold, but the day had a different feeling, it changed my mood, the sun always does that. 

       The sun tricked me in believing it’s warmer, so I chose a leather skirt and a shirt. I wanted to make my day even brighter with a red jacket and went for a walk. 

       Obisnuiam sa iubesc iarna, acea iarna traditionala cu foarte multa zapada si temperaturi scazute. Nu am vazut asta demult :), iarna olandeza traditionala este cu multa ploaie, vant si un cer gri. Astazi, dupa foarte mult timp, cerul a fost albastru deschis si soarele stralucea. Cu toate ca a fost rece si vantul batea puternic, a schimbat total atmosfera, precum si starea mea de spirit. Continue reading

Have you been to Croatia? It can be a dream…


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Digital image

        Hey! Of course winter can’t pass without me getting a cold, or two, or three :). It’s getting colder here also, so I keep thinking of warm places, of sandy beaches, palm trees and light blue sea.

        Salut! Bineinteles ca nu putea sa treaca iarna fara sa ma racesc o data, de doua sau trei ori :)) Se raceste si aici, asa ca ma gandesc tot timpul la locuri cu temperaturi ridicate, la plaje cu nisip incalzit de razele soarelui, palmieri si mari de un albastru deschis.  Continue reading