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          Halloween ……. you should be scared 😛 A holiday with lots of carved pumpkins, scary monsters, hot nurses, witches and children going Trick or Treating.

        The first time I heard about Halloween was in  some American movies when I was a child. In Romania we didn’t celebrate this, just the 1st of November (at least in my part of the country), which is  The Day of the Dead. But the Halloween trend started also in my country. A lot of theme parties are held on the 31st of October, people dress up in costumes and have fun…. in a scary was, of course. So this week it’s a good time to find our perfect costume to celebrate Halloween.

        Nowadays, it’s a commercial celebration, with not much meaning. The stores are full with decorations, the pumpkins are ready to be carved and the bars are getting prepared for the madness.

       But in the past, Halloween meant more than that. Let me tell you to a short history.

       The customs are thought to have been influenced by Celtic culture. Halloween is linked to a Celtic festival, Samhain, which means in old Irish, summer’s end. It was celebrated on October 31 – November 1 in Ireland, Scotland and Isle of Man, but also other festivals were held on the same time of the year by the Brittonic Celts (in Wales, Cornwall, Brittany). In that period, the festivals celebrated the end of summer (harvest season) and the beginning of winter (the dark half of the year). It was also considered the time when the spirits, or fairies could come into our world more easily. They thought that also the souls of the dead revisited their homes. They used the purifying power of the fire (bonfires) to protect themselves from the fairies.

       The costumes tradition comes from the 18th century. In modern Ireland, Scotland, Mann and Wales, Halloween was celebrated by people going from house to house disguised in costumes and reciting songs in exchange for food. They were also doing pranks and the traditional illumination was provided by turnips or mangel wurzels, hollowed to act as lanterns and carved with ugly faces. In the 20th century, this custom spread and was known as Jack – o’- lanterns.

       This celebration was also influenced by Christianity and was spread in North America, by the Irish and Scottish immigrants in the 19th century.

        Also the costumes evolved. They were dressing as the other gender or having a hobby horse. Nowadays you can dress as anyone, anything you want. The choice is yours, just leave it to your imagination. You could be a fairy or a dwarf, a witch  or a cute dinosaur, a monster or a sexy nurse.

       So I chose a selection of nice costumes, to inspire you and make your decision easier.


costume 1

costume 3

costume 4

costume 5

       I think I would like to be dressed as Ice Queen,  I was charmed by that character when I was a child.

     Pictures – http://www.fancydress.com

      Who do you want to be on Halloween?